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  • Quadrupole magnets

    Quadrupole magnets

  • Solenoid


  • Corrector magnets

    Corrector magnets

  • Sextupole magnets

    Sextupole magnets

  • Spectrometer magnet

    Spectrometer magnet

  • Magnet assembly

    Magnet assembly


    Hundreds of different magnet concepts have passed through our hands. All designed according to our customers’ needs and wishes, following a steady development of simplicity and refinement of the construction.

    The Danfysik conventional accelerator magnet program covers standard and custom-built resistive magnets, reaching from small correctors to very large spectrometer magnets of more than 100 metric tons. Opera 2D and 3D are used for magnetic field modeling, Autodesk Inventor for mechanical design and COSMOS for finite element calculations of mechanical structures.

    Vacuum impregnated hollow or solid conductor magnet coils are manufactured in-house. Magnetic field tests are performed using a rotating coil system and a 3D Hall probe mapping system.

    Danfysik offers complete magnet systems including vacuum chambers, supporting stands and matching power supplies.

    Danfysik conventional accelerator magnet program covers

    • Dipole magnets
    • Quadrupole magnets
    • Multipole magnets
    • Spectrometer magnets
    • Scanning magnets
    • Solenoid magnets
    • Solid yoke and laminated yoke
    • Vacuum impregnated hollow or solid conductor coils

    The following related services are available

    • Complete system design
    • Beam optical calculations
    • Magnetic field calculations
    • Mechanical and electrical engineering
    • Vacuum calculation and design
    • On-site installation and commissioning

    Standardized and custom Power Supplies

    Danfysik design, manufacture and test power supplies for many accelerator applications.


    For more information contact

    Svend Dahl-Petersen

    General Sales Manager