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  • Septum Magnets

    Septum Magnets

  • Kicker Magnet

    Kicker Magnet

  • In vacuum drift tube quadrupole magnet

    In vacuum drift tube quadrupole magnet

  • Split pole spectrometer magnet

    Split pole spectrometer magnet

  • Special solenoid magnet

    Special solenoid magnet

    Special Magnets

    Special magnets for special purposes designed, manufactured and tested to fulfil your specific requirement

    Having designed and manufactured magnets to the accelerator community for more than 50 years we have come around and fulfilled numerous demands for special magnets, such as

    • injection and extraction magnets for electron and ion synchrotrons
    • kicker magnets
    • septum magnets
    • bumper magnets
    • heavy duty in vacuum drift tube quadrupole magnets
    • spectrometer magnets
    • solenoid magnets

    We use state of the art design tools for particle optics and dynamic 3D magnetic field design to develop and design the special magnets. Our versatile set of field measuring equipment including 3D Hall mapper, NMR system, rotating coil and stretched wire testing equipment are used for testing and documenting the performance against the required specifications.

    Our team of power supply experts design the pulsed power supplies optimized for the specific type of special magnets.


    Standardized and custom Power Supplies

    Danfysik design, manufacture and test power supplies for many accelerator applications.


    For more information contact

    Svend Dahl-Petersen

    General Sales Manager